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YKB Sisters 2017


Reeta Mehta
"Educating Reeta"

Born and raised in the pristine state of Assam in northeast part of India. Her father, a freedom fighter in India's Independence and her mother an author, who are both a strong influences in her life. Ahead of their time, they encouraged Reeta to traverse to Baroda in Western India and pursue higher education of Masters in Child Development.

Reeta moved to the US in 2000 and eventually to San Diego. She has attended the past YKB productions as an audience. At last year's show, Reeta realized how her yearning to ease other people's trauma through her professional work could also translate to her personal life. By participating in this year's YKB she would be given a platform to share her story.

Reeta is currently a development specialist working with children with special needs. She is an avid gardener, creative cook and loves to hike; currently training for hiking in the Himalayas. She is mother to two wonderful daughters.


Ambika Sudaresan
"My Reckless Yoni"

Born and raised in India by her father, Ambika was very young when her mother passed away. She earned her undergraduate degree at University of Wisconsin and graduate studies at UC San Diego.

She regularly practices mindfulness with yoga and meditation. Loves to travel, gardening, hikes, nature, climbing and is always ready to try something new. Her current passion is Tango. A single mother of three, she is trained in and works as a Bioinformatician.

Ambika was impressed by YKB platform when last year she learned about it quite by chance at a local library. She was intrigued and very inspired by their mission of sharing deeply intimate and personal stories in order to foster awareness and understanding, she vowed to share her story some day. She is very grateful the stars have aligned to make it possible this year!


Preeti Shridhar
"I said nothing.
I did nothing.
I just stayed."

Preeti moved to Seattle from New York and has dedicated her professional life to public service. She loves the Northwest’s liberal lifestyle, natural beauty and cultural diversity.


She has performed in Yoni Ki Baat (YKB), Seattle in 2014 and 2017, San Diego’s YKB in 2015, local community theater and folk dances. She is an experienced public speaker, and has been in television documentaries and interviews. She is committed to the empowerment of women and has been working on a documentary based on YKB to raise awareness of women’s issues and inspire change. Preeti loves people, writing and traveling. She seeks strength and inspiration from YKB, a safe space that unites beautiful and sensitive women determined to challenge social norms and redraw the boundaries of their lives.


Thanks in part to the confidence she has gained through YKB, she has thrown her hat into politics and is currently a candidate for the post of Port Commissioner. Her 22-year old son is the apple of her eye and is always encouraging her to live life to its fullest.


Neepa Shah
"Save my Yoni"

Her Mantra: "Everything Happens For The Best!"

Neepa loves every art, likes watching classical & western dances and listening to old Hindi movie songs and ghazals. She writes rhythmic poems in Hindi and Gujarati. She has anchored a talent show in Dubai and she used to act in dramas in her school and college days.

She feels privileged to be a part of Yoni ki baat. It has helped her to come out of her cocoon of last 20 years and relive the life she wanted. She’s enjoyed her journey with the other Yonis and plans to be an active part of Ahaana.

Born and lived in India, Neepa moved to San Diego three years ago. She’s a full time mother to two lovely sons one 17 and the other 5 and she feels lucky to have a better half who has given her full freedom to do whatever she likes. She believes that ‘Home is where the family is' and is ready to live happily wherever life takes her. She strongly believes men and women are both important to the society and boys should also be trained to cook and do all household activities and women should learn to be independent. "We're never too old to learn or enjoy life!"

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