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About Us


Nanda Mehta
Founder & Managing Director

I am fortunate to have in my life family and friends who have provided tremendous support through the difficulties I have lived.  I can only imagine what it’s like for women to have gone through the hardships of mental abuse, rape, violence, identity crises and yes, hunger too - and running into walls with only themselves to pick them up and move on!  

In a world where there is more good than evil, it's unfortunate that anyone fall prey to such inhumane atrocities - whether at the instigating, or at the receiving end. Let's all strive to make a difference in our world by focusing on local communities, to make the most substantial impact; to foster these important social connections positively - the huge dividends being love, care, and a kinder world. 

With this desire in my heart, the Ahaana Festival in San Diego launched in 2015 with

Yoni ki Baat being the flagship event and introducing a men's platform with MenOlogues in 2017, I wish to spread more awareness, compassion and love. 


We would love to welcome your energy and enthusiasm to the Ahaana Collective - join an Initiative of ours that speaks to your heart!

Ahaana Assembly

Aditi Mehta
Aparna Mehta
Deven Parlikar
Kokila Shah
Vandana Singh

Komal Deokule
Meenakshi Jain
Mona Nabar
Neepa Shah
Vipashi & Opal Sheth

Nilanjana Banerjee
Pallavi Mehta
Pratik Mehta
Reeta Mehta
Seema Upadhyay

Rumi Kar
Sonal Kanodia
Tuhina Lal
Vanitha Rao
Darshini Shah Doshi

YKB Silicon Valley Team

preeti malhotra.jpeg

Preeti Malhotra
Director, Ahaana SV
Co-Director - YKB SV

Preeti, a longtime resident in the Pacific NW, moved to Sunny California 3 years ago and was reminded that the golden ball in the sky is called the Sun! She loves the melting pot vibe of California with its mix of people, cultures, food and macro-climate.  As she grows older, she is very intrigued by psychology, the human condition and why people do the things they do! Habits, attitudes, beliefs, values or lack thereof! She enjoys interior design and considers herself "an almost OCD" when it comes to organizing things.  Her goal is to one day, fix up a house  or help fix a mind in turmoil.

Either ways, it would put the house in order!
She was introduction to YKB in 2009, when a friend performed. The stories were a wake-up call.  Thus began a journey of belief and strength in self....followed by a performance in 2013 in Seattle, 2015 in San Diego and now co-directing the launch in Silicon Valley, which has been her fondest goal since moving to Palo Alto.

Lakshmi Karanth.jpeg

Born in Bangalore India, Lakshmi is an only child from a gigantic extended family! Her most vivid memories of her childhood are from long hot summers, cracking jokes and eating mangoes with aunts, uncles and cousins. She is a huge foodie and loves to take trips to new countries and experience new cultures. She is always looking for something new and can be found planning her next trip, cooking, gardening or spending time with her husband and puppy Gobi . Lakshmi’s passion lies around building a community of strong, inspiring women . She is excited to be launching YKB Silicon Valley and expanding this movement to the Bay Area. 

Lakshmi Karanth
Director of Operations,
Ahaana SV

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