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About Us


Nanda Mehta
Founder & Managing Director

I am fortunate to have in my life unwavering and supportive family and friends who have provided a lit path through the difficulties I have lived.  I can only imagine what it’s like for women to have gone through the hardships of mental abuse, rape, violence, identity crises and yes, hunger too! and running into walls with only themselves to pick up and move on!


In a world where there is more good than evil, it's unfortunate that anyone fall prey to such inhumane atrocities - whether at the instigating, or at the receiving end. I believe we should all strive to make a difference in our world by focusing on local communities, to make the most substantial impact; to foster these important social connections positively - the huge dividends being love, care, and a kinder world. 

With this desire in my heart, the Ahaana Festival in San Diego was launched in 2015 with

Yoni ki Baat being the flagship event and introducing a men's platform with MenOlogues in 2017, I wish to spread more awareness, compassion and love. Since then, we have launched, nurtured and advanced intiatives that support women-at-risk, survivors of violence and refugees, by collaborating with partner NGOs globally and nationally.


We would love to welcome your energy and enthusiasm to the Ahaana Collective.

Join us and make a difference!

Executive Board
Neepa Shah, Secretary
Pallavi Mehta, Treasurer
Nilanjana Banerjee, Director Events
Reeta Mehta, Director Outreach
Aparna Mehta, Director Grants
Mona Nabar, Director Operations

Ahaana Assembly

Aditi Mehta * Pratik Mehta * Deven Parlikar * Kokila Shah * Vandana Singh
Komal Deokule * Meenakshi Jain * Seema Upadhyay * Vipashi Trivedi-Sheth * Rashmi Savgur
Rumi Kar * Sonal Kanodia * Tuhina Lal * Vanitha Rao * Darshini Shah Doshi * Bela Bapat
Sabitha Gundapaneni * Maya Pai
Advisors: Shobhana J Mehta & Susheel Dharia

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