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Artiste Focus 2018 


Mantaj is a digital artist based in Cambridge, MA. Her awakening into the arts started with photography and matured professionally in 2017. Her graphite sketches are infused with feelings through digital colors to bring alive “Taj Imperfectionalism”.

Her art can be viewed at Mantaj graduated from Cornell University and worked for eleven years as a commercial real estate lawyer in Boston.




Pragati is an extremely passionate artist that has created a labor intensive style, using unique tools & techniques to create paintings packed with mysterious motifs and elaborate patterns. At first glance her paintings and sculptures are an eye-catching blend of vibrant colors, intricate motifs, flora & fauna, animals, humans etc. On a closer look they reveal vivid compositions, precise in execution and meditative in spirit with a deep meaning and influences from cultures around the world. She uses her art to create narratives based on Feminism, Spirituality and Mythology. Her art has flavors of the French Art Naif genre with hints of Indian Folk Arts, Aboriginal paintings, Pre-historic cave art, Buddhist mandalas, Ethnic scripts and Decorative patterns.


Her meticulously detailed puzzle like works have layers upon layers of interwoven details that one discovers gradually so the freshness of her works is forever intriguing. Her art is not only gorgeous its also functional because it has a profound aura, it tells stories, it brings awareness and it certainly is a dazzling conversation starter. 

Besides being an artist, Pragati is also a dedicated Indian folk-arts teacher and holds degrees in Architecture and Industrial Design from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India. She now lives and works in the San Francisco Bay Area and exhibits her art worldwide.




Sahana Srinivasan is a senior at UC Berkeley studying Computer Science and will be joining Salesforce as a Software Engineer next year. Sahana is heavily involved in the tech and leadership scene on Berkeley campus through her work as an executive in Codebase ( She is also a professional musician who performs frequently in the Bay Area, New England, and India.


Sahana is an Indian classical violinist and a Bharatanatyam dancer, and has performed in esteemed venues such as the Music Academy and Bharat Kalachar. She sings many different genres of music including Jazz, Bollywood, Indian Classical, Western Classical, and Pop. She performed at the Lincoln Center in 2015 and won an award for Outstanding Soloist.




Elaine Arora currently resides in Palo Alto but has lived in many countries and is an avid traveler. A retired doctor she spends her time learning new crafting techniques and experimenting with different media to create art. Her distinctive personal style emanates joy and her attention to detail makes her work specially appealing.

While she enjoys painting, journaling, patchwork she derives special joy in creating personalized journals and cards - helping people share moments together and save memories to look back on.

Sip and Snack while browsing her creations. 

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