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Ahaana Festival 2017


Ninada Kashyap

The thematic art for Ahaana 2017 has been created by Ninada Kashyap. She is a professional architect who loves art. A graduate of IAAC Barcelona, she has been sketching, painting, and sculpting prolifically since she was five. She has recently made forays into pottery and textile design, and is a professor of design and digital architecture in Pune, India. When she isn't working or making art, she likes to eat dessert.

"Working with Ahaana was a deeply enriching personal experience. The exploration of gender roles and intersectionality in art and theatre made for an amazing inspiration. The use of pen-and-ink with a hint of red was in keeping with Ahaana's ideology of strength and femininity in equal measure." - Ninada

Thank you very much, Ninada Kashyap!


Art of the World. Art of the People.


Mingei International Museum has a focus on objects of use that arise from daily life in cultures around the world, demonstrating beauty in the unexpected and pure expressions of human creativity.


Enjoy the current Exhibition during Artiste Focus:

Trappings - Homage to the Horse and Other Steeds

Featuring objects from around the globe that celebrate the speed, power and serviceability of the horse and other noble beasts of burden.

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