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YKB Sisters 2015

Ashika Chand.jpeg

Ashika Chand

Even though Ashika's family hails from the Fiji Islands, she is a native to the Pacific NorthWest. Her childhood memories included lots of (American) movies, rock music and hanging out with her friends. These things set her apart and often left her feeling more American than Indian. Little did she know that performing in YKB 2013 would be the change that she had yearned for in her life. The doors to her ancestral side swung open and she felt the hole inside of her start to fill. The experience filled her with so much love and joy! She performed again in the 2014. Ashika's journey through another year of YKB was again life changing. Ashika also lends her humor and skills to local film and commercial projects. She has helped organize several award winning teams for the 48 Hour Film Project. In her down time she enjoys spending time with family, friends and her best buddy, Aruna, her dog.

Preeti Shridhar.jpeg

Preeti Shridhar

Preeti, essentially a big city girl, she loves the Northwest’s liberal lifestyle since 1993, with its incredible natural beauty and cultural diversity. Preeti is very excited to participate in the Ahaana festivals’ first production of Yoni Ki Baat (YKB), the South-Asian adaptation of the Vagina Monologues. She has performed in Prathidwani’s "Everything but the Paper" and Aaina's YKB 2014. Preeti has been on television documentaries and interviews, is an experienced public speaker, and has been on stage performing folk dances. Preeti loves people, food, and travel. Writing is her passion and while she has been published countless times in the media, she has still to fully realize her creative writing aspirations.  YKB brings all her worlds together: from the world of sound bites on TV to performing her soliloquy on stage, and writing fleeting news stories and her incredible journey with her fellow YKB sisters. She has a 20-year old son, who is the apple of her eye, and who is always encouraging her to live life to its fullest.


Sudeshna Sathe

Born and raised in Pune, India, Sudeshna always wanted to travel and explore the world. She dreams of becoming a successful writer, will help pay for her exotic vacations around the world! Until then, she is a working designer/Program Manager. Sudeshna is looking forward to sharing her experience from a very special journey she has taken since YKB in 2013, which gave her so many avenues to express her thoughts and emotions. She is so very glad she plunged into this unique experience with her Yoni sisters, who she finds are such amazing, courageous, and strong women.She currently lives in the Seattle area, and loves to take her kids to her two most favorite places- the library and the mountains around Seattle. Her husband lovingly supports her in all her endeavors.


Rumela Ganguly

Rumela‘s journey with YKB started with her decision to participate in 2013. Since then, it has been a steady love affair, which has won her superb friends and mentally strong women who inspire her daily. She co-directed YKB 2014 in Seattle. Dabbling in amateur theater, set her on a new course which inspired her to direct a Bengali Musical in 2015. She hopes her participation in the flagship production of YKB 2015 San Diego, will give her another chance to meet more amazing, courageous South Asian women.  Rumela is a stay at home mom to three beautiful children. A gregarious pluviophile at heart, Rumela loves to meet and make new friends. Rumela did the Susan G Komen 60 miles in 3 days breast cancer walk and recently completing the Seattle-To-Portland 200+ bike ride, she feels fortunate to have met some strong and amazing women along the way. 


Preeti Malhotra

Preeti, a longtime resident in the Pacific NW, moved to Sunny California 2 years ago and was reminded that the golden ball in the sky is called the Sun! She loves the melting pot vibe of California with its mix of people, cultures, food and macro-climate.  As she grows older, she is very intrigued by psychology, the human condition and why people do the things they do! Habits, attitudes, beliefs, values or lack thereof! She enjoys interior design and considers herself "an almost OCD" when it comes to organizing things.  Her goal is to one day, fix up a house  or help fix a mind in turmoil. Either ways, it would put the house in order!
She was introduction to YKB in 2009, when a friend performed. The stories were a wake-up call.  Thus began a journey of belief and strength in self....followed by a performance in 2013 in Seattle and now in San Diego


Alpa Dave

Alpa is extremely proud to be part of the Yoni ki Baat 2015 launch in San Diego. She performed in Aaina's YKB 2013, and co-directed in 2014.  Alpa moved to Seattle 16 years ago via Phoenix and Dubai. An avid traveler, she loves to soak up different cultures.  Humor and love are the driving forces of her life. She is lucky to be born into a loving and caring family, inherit a wonderful sister-in-law and mother-in-law, be an aunt to three amazing kids, marry a doting husband, and find the most awesomefriends. She loves theater and considers herself a budding actress. Alpa wishes to thank her family, her directors and sisters from YKB and, most importantly, her husband.


Anita Dugal

Anita was raised by loving parents and close knit family in Delhi.  She has been gifted with an adorable son who is the motivation of her life. Her older sister lives in San Diego and the younger one in London and they are her unconditional pillars of strength. She is grateful for special friends who have stood by her through rough times. She considers herself an easy going and caring person who enjoys helping others. Anita likes to improve and grow herself spiritually, and in general enjoys living life! While India still holds a strong & special place in her heart, she loves her new life in San Diego and her adopted country since 2007.  She loves cooking, entertaining at home and watching movies and also enjoys going to the beach. Her joy is watching her son grow into a good human being, making the right choices in life and give lots of happiness to others.

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