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MenOlogues 2019


Sriram Rajagopalam
"Confessions to my Father"

Originally from India, Sriram has lived in the beautiful Pacific NW for more than 30 years, with the love of his life and a rich community of friends. It’s truly home – for his body and his heart. After many, many years of working in various software engineering roles for a local corporate behemoth, Sriram is now pursuing a solo consulting practice in search of greater flexibility, fulfillment, and fun. In his spare time, he loves to travel, bike, hike, read, and support non-profit causes that help make our community better.

Sriram has had the privilege of witnessing the amazing Yoni Ki Baat shows for a decade now. He has been blown away by the strength and courage of the women who have shared their stories and how their YKB experience has transformed them. This has moved and inspired him to come forward and share his story. He is grateful for the platform and supportive environment Ahaana is providing to enable men to share their stories.


Tejal Dixit
"Knock, Knock...Who's There?

I have been a Seattle native for the past 20 years but also have a part of my soul firmly placed in Pune, India where I grew up. At home, I try mostly to keep up with my significantly better and kickass wife, Sudeshna and our two teenagers. I love everything outdoors and keep myself busy with biking, tennis, golf, skiing – and once in a while kick the tires with adventure sports. In my spare time, I work for Microsoft and travel the world.

Since the first YKB show, I continue to be amazed at the audacity, courage and conviction of the women presenting their stories and am immensely grateful for the opportunity to share the same platform through MenOlogues.

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