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Ahaana's Initiatives and Community Projects allows our donors to choose where they most feel an affinity for

Ahaana Festival & Artiste Focus

Our annual Yoni ki Baat & MenOlogues (Intimate Narratives) is an eagerly anticipated event. Nationally recognised and a growing collection of bold, powerful and poignant stories of real life experiences, written and performed by South Asian women and men.  Artiste Focus Reception at the festival features local artistes in all forms of art: photography, dance, music, multimedia or food. We support our local community.

The SWANS Initiative

Survivors and Widows Acceptance Network and Support.  The goal is to create awareness of the plight of the widows in India and survivors of violence, especially acid attacks. To foster acceptance and promote the human rights of living with dignity. To provide compassionate care for the elderly widows. Empathetic and non-judgemental resource center that aims to support, guide and empower women, whether its dealing with widowhood, parenting challenges, re-entry into the workplace, abuse, depression, death or divorce.

Venmo: @Ahaana-Organization
Zelle: 6198883331
You can also send a check to
@17978 Aguamiel Road, San Diego CA 92127
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