​​Survivors & Widows' Acceptance Network & Support

The SWANS Board

Left to Right:

Nilanjana Banerjee

Neepa Shah

Deven Parlikar

Reeta Mehta

Nanda Mehta

Chris Knudson

Vanitha Rao

Susheel Dharia

Meenakshi Jain

Dharanija Rao (not pictured)

Team WIT (Women-in-Transition)

24-hr Hotline 1-833-DIAL-WIT

Left to Right:

Sheetal Ayyethan (Co-Director/Counselor)

Reeta Mehta (Advisory/Counselor)

Ambika Sundaresan (Co-Director WIT/Counselor)

Nanda Mehta (Advisory/Resources)

Tuhina Lal (Resources) (not pictured)

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The SWANS Initiative


  • To create awareness of victims of acid attack and the widows' plight in India and other countries;
  • To foster acceptance and promote basic human rights of living with dignity by providing compassionate care for the elderly;
  • To support women-at-risk and women-in-transition in USA via our 24 hr hotline.

*Engage: By facilitating an open discussion of their predicament and needs, devoid of fear and judgement.

**Encourage:By providing a network of support through structured projects and partnerships with NGO's.

***Educate:To provide vocational development and training to young widows and access to education for their children.

****Empower:To help them claim their rightful place in Society with pride and dignity.