Manjula Jain was born in North India into a vegetarian family. Her mother was an excellent cook who paid attention to every detail. One of the most important details for her was cooking with fresh ingredients. As a child and young adult, she helped her mother in the kitchen. Manjula learned to cook with just a few spices and herbs in order not to compromise the taste of the vegetables, grains and lentils.

After Manjula Jain got married and moved to the United States from India in the late 1960s, her family remained vegetarian because of their adherence to the Jain religion. One of the main principles of the Jain religion is the belief in non-violence to all living beings and the belief to “live and let live”. Manjula Jain is passionate about this way of life today

YouTuber Manjula Jain, the superstar chef of Manjula's Kitchen! 

Tuhina Lal
I love experimenting with fusion food and enjoy transforming complex recipes to much simpler semi-homemade versions. I love using all gadgets from Air-fryer to traditional tandoor to cook. I want my recipes to be simple enough for everyone to follow and discover the same joy in cooking.

Kruti Damania
I am a project manager by profession and a home cook by passion. I am originally from India but live in the Midwest US right now. I enjoy cooking and eating good food. Some of my recipes are inspired by what I grew up eating, some from content creators on the internet and many out of my creativity. I mostly enjoy healthy food but do not shy in indulging sometimes. I believe you live only once and should do what gives you the most joy. For me, it's cooking, baking and eating! 

Meet our competition judge, Smita Vasant, an entrepreneur in the food and fashion world, is the founder of Saffron Spot, a popular snack bar in Artesia, which features her exotic ice cream creations. Smita’s ice cream business has been featured in many newspapers and magazines such as Bon Appetit Magazine, Los Angeles Times, Orange County Register, Orange Coast Magazine and LA Weekly. She participates in many community activities and actively mentors other women business owners. Smita is also the founder of ‘Kitchen Queens’ a Facebook group focusing on food and home cooking.
A former Mrs. Asia USA, Smita is also an avid fashion blogger, and promotes Indian fashion and style through Facebook and Instagram. She is the founder of LA India Fashion week, an annual event that celebrates and promotes Indian Fashion. She also organizes fashion events for designers including event organization and fashion show choreography.
Smita has a Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology.

Rashmi Savgur
I am a molecular biologist by degree and a stay at home mom by choice. I find cooking to be therapeutic and immensely joyous. I enjoy traveling and discovering foods from different parts of the world and also recreating them at home. I also love dancing and singing and have dabbled in theater acting. 

Meet our judge Rajshree Mudaliar.
She is an award-winning math educator who recently retired after teaching for over 23 years. Rajshree founded the House of India Project in San Diego. Along with a team of dedicated volunteers, she successfully lobbied the City of San Diego to procure land to build a cottage in Balboa Park to showcase India’s rich heritage.
Rajshree finds great joy in preserving family recipes and creating new dishes using international flavors to enhance Indian recipes. Recently, she launched her own cooking channel. Rajshree enjoys engaging her viewers with stories of her upbringing and discussing the origin of the dishes and food science behind the ingredients.
Follow her Youtube channel ‘From My Indian Kitchen to yours’

Competition Winners!

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Rules to Compete:

* Once you register, you will be given the secret MAIN INGREDIENT. You must use the Air Fryer and/or/both Instant Pot to cook.
* It has to be an original and your own authentic dish, cooking in any cuisine. This is your moment to use your creativity. 
* Email us the following info via email at

Your Name, cell number, your photo
Culinary Creation (Dish Name)
List of Ingredients 
Recipe with exact measurements for family of 4
Prep time and Cooking time 
3-4 high res photos showing - ingredients, preparation, while its cooking, final presentation

Last date for submission is April 9.