Friday December 15 @ 6:30pm

Q Auditorium, 6455 Lusk Boulevard, San Diego  

Producers: Vinod Lahoti, Anjan Ghosal, Dipankar Jojo Chaki, Aloke Vohra

Cinematography: Shirsha Roy

Editing: Rabiranjan Maitra

Music: Neel Dutt

Production Design: Tanmoy Chakaborty

Language: English

Duration: 103 minutes

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Based on the play written by legendary writer Mahesh Elkunchwar, veteran actress and filmmaker Aparna Sen, who has made path-breaking films like "36 Chowringhee Lane" and "Mr. and Mrs. Iyer", has launched her next project, "Sonata" in English, a psychological exploration of mid-life crises faced by three friends. Played by powerhouse Bollywood actresses: Shabana Azmi, Lilette Dubey and Aparna Sen. 

This is not to be missed!