Bipasha Mukherjee:  "Yoni to Yoni/It's time!"

I have always believed that emotional well-being is the cornerstone of a good life. When I immigrated to beautiful PNW, I was able to leave behind the pressures of being in the engineering or medical fields (sound familiar?) and work in mental health. Best decision I ever made. I will soon be a practicing Life Coach. For being an only child, I now have a lot sisterhood in my life. I am grateful for the richness of the “framily” I am surrounded by. Being with kids is my favorite thing to do and I served as a youth adviser for a few years. Also, I’ll babysit any day! :) I started a band with some friends in 1992. We still perform and are proud of the thousands of dollars we have raised for kids in India. But bottom line, I’m still trying to figure out what I’ll be when I grow up – why don’t people admit this in our community? :) 

Before there was #MeToo and #TimesUp there was YKB. Using the ancient tradition of storytelling, women create a safe nonjudgmental space to explore their life stories. In 2008 the first YKB I watched blew my mind and I was humbled by the courage of the stories I heard. It inspired me to share my story in 2009. I believe it’s a powerful experience for both those on stage and in the audience, that makes us question our beliefs, make better choices, shift our lives and create deeper connections.  

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Rumela Ganguly: "Motherhood"

Rumela Ganguly is a stay at home mom to three beautiful children. A gregarious pluviophile at heart, Rumela loves to meet and make new friends. Always up for new challenges she did the 3-day 60 miles Susan G Komen breast cancer walk and recently after completing Seattle-to-Portland bike ride, she feels fortunate to have met some amazing women along the way.

Her journey with YKB started with in 2013. Since then, it has been a steady love affair, which has won her many superb friends and mentally strong women who inspire her daily. Dabbling in amateur theater she always wanted to stretch her wings and try out new boundaries. Thus co-directing YKB 2014 in Seattle, set her on a new course which inspired her to direct a Bengali Musical in 2015 and YKB launch in san Diego. All through these journeys she continues to make progress towards self discovery and emancipation. She hopes her participation in the flagship production of YKB 2018 in Palo Alto, will give her another chance to meet more amazing, courageous South Asian women.

PC: Shashank Gupta

Aparna Balasubramaniam: "My Gift"

Aparna, resident of sunny Cali since 1999. Born and raised in Pune, Aparna made Silicon Valley her home in 2005. An engineer by education and consultant by profession, her heart is in the arts and belief in living life to its fullest. She was first introduced to YKB during her friend’s performance in Pasadena in 2017. She loved the concept, the stories, the blend of reality with art.  Serendipitously she met Preeti Malhotra (co-director) and there was no looking back. She is excited and grateful to be a part of the Sisterhood of strong, real and talented women who will participate in YKB’s launch in the Silicon Valley.

​PC: Shashank Gupta

Sudeshna Sathe Dixit:  “It’s not Me, it’s You”

Sudeshna has been involved with Yoni Ki Baat Seattle as a spectator right from its beginning. She was in awe of the courage and path-breaking performances of these Yoni sisters, and was inspired to perform in 2013 in Seattle and in 2015 in San Diego. She also had the privilege and honor to have co-directed Yoni Ki Baat in Seattle and San Diego.

It has been a wonderful journey of self-discovery, of gaining new insights about the world around her, of acceptance and surrender, and finding lasting friendships, and Sudeshna is looking forward to spreading her wings by participating in the launch of YKB Silicon Valley.

PC: Shashank Gupta

​Neepa Shah: "A Yoni Soliloquy"

Neepa loves every art, likes watching classical & western dances and listening to old Hindi movie songs and ghazals. She writes rhythmic poems in Hindi and Gujarati. She has anchored a talent show in Dubai and she used to act in dramas in her school and college days.
She feels privileged to be a part of Yoni ki baat. It has helped her to come out of her cocoon of last 20 years and live the life she wanted. She’s enjoyed her journey with the other Yonis during YKB 2017 in San Diego and is very happy to be participating in the SV launch. She's an active volunteer and operations on Ahaana SD Board.
Born and lived in India, Neepa moved to San Diego three years ago. She’s a full time mother to two lovely sons one 18 and 6 and she feels lucky to have a better half who supports her fully in her passions. She believes that ‘Home is where the family is' and is ready to live happily wherever life takes her. She strongly believes  in equality of men and women and is raising her boys to be equally comfortable in the kitchen and in school. 
"We're never too old to learn or enjoy life!"

PC: Susheel Dharia

Archana Verma: "When the Abused becomes the Abuser"

Archana was born and raised in North India before she moved to Canada and then USA almost three decades ago. A software engineer by education, she became a stay at home parent after a 10 year stint in the corporate world. In the last two decades, she has raised two daughters; found passion and fulfillment in community service and culinary arts. Archana shared her story in YKB Seattle in 2011. Since November 2016, Archana has become a passionate political activist.

PC: Shashank Gupta

YKB Performing Artistes 

Alpa Dave:  "Motherly Love"

Alpa is extremely proud to be part of the Yoni ki Baat troupe of 2018 in Silicon Valley. 
Alpa ia an avid traveler and is enamored by different cultures. Humor and love are the driving forces of her life. She considers herself a budding actress, having performed in two prior YKB shows and in a few plays in Seattle. She's had the privilege to co-direct YKB and witness the healing power of the process from both sides. 
By profession, she is a researcher at Microsoft where she gets to talk to customers and influence product direction based on their needs. She wishes to thank her family, her directors and sisters from YKB, and her husband.

PC: Shashank Gupta

Reeta Mehta: "Educating Reeta"

Born and raised in the pristine state of Assam in northeast part of India. Her father, a freedom fighter in India's Independence and her mother an author, who are both a strong influences in her life. Ahead of their time, they encouraged Reeta to traverse to Baroda in Western India and pursue higher education of Masters in Child Development.
Reeta moved to the US in 2000 and eventually to San Diego. She has attended the past YKB productions as an audience. At last year's show, Reeta realized how her yearning to ease other people's trauma through her professional work could also translate to her personal life. By participating in YKB 2017 in San Diego has encouraged her to YKB launch in SV.  She is also happy to be an integral part of Ahaana Board for the SWANS Initiative.
Reeta is currently a development specialist working with children with special needs. She is an avid gardener, creative cook and loves to hike; currently training for hiking in the Himalayas. She is mother to two wonderful daughters.

​PC: Susheel Dharia