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Bringing San Diego's Diverse Community Together!

International Dances at 1:00pm

​Kathak, Bollywood, Balinese,

Samba & Mexican!

Games & Prizes!

Bingo at 2:00pm

Fashions & Fabrics

Saris, Sarongs, Skirts

Ahaana Pop-Up Shop



CK Marketing


Wrap it Up Designs!

​Riva Collections


Omkar Ayurveda

RDM Studios

Minx Events

​JOIN US in supporting local businesses and women-at-risk

and survivors of abuse.

We bring you a fun expo and bazaar featuring shopping extravaganza, international dancers, games, and prizes!!

Ahaana will showcase Sari and Beyond - Re-Imagine, Re-Fabricate, and Re-Create donated six yards of fabulous, colorful saris into sarongs,

easy-to-wear skirts, and swimwear wraps!!

We have sample of simple designs easily made by anyone who loves to sew.

If you prefer, we can refer you to local tailors and fashion designers. 

Proceeds of sale will benefit 100% to Ahaana's Initiatives that

empower women and survivors of violence. 

​Re-Imagine & Re-Fabricate 


Ahaana's Pop-Up Shop featuring


*six yards of fabulous, colorful, fabric, the Sari!

*sarongs, skirts and swimwear wraps

*traditional wear for Women, Children and Men