Rumela Ganguly is a stay at home mom to three beautiful children. A gregarious pluviophile at heart, Rumela loves to meet and make new friends. Always up for new challenges she did the 60 miles in 3 days Susan G Komen breast cancer walk and recently after completing STP, she feels fortunate to have met some strong and amazing women along the way.

Dabbling in amateur theater she always wanted to stretch her wings and try out new boundaries. She has shared her experiences in Yoni ki Baat, co-directed in 2014 in Seattle, which set her on a new course which inspired her to direct a Bengali Musical in 2015. All through these journeys she continues to make progress towards self discovery and emancipation. She hopes her participation in the important discussion of post-partum depression will create more awareness and acceptance of this debilitating disease!

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A bio: Dr. Kauffman is a Columbia-trained, board-certified psychiatrist who specializes in reproductive and forensic psychiatry.  Her private practice is focused on women’s mental health, including psychotherapy, medication management, and consultation.  She also works in the community as a correctional psychiatrist and is passionate about the intersection of mental health and the law.

Divya Kakaiya Ph. D  M.S. (Psychopharm)
PSY 14052
Clinical Psychologist. Neuroscientist. Educational Consultant. Author. Parent.

Divya Kakaiya, Ph.D., M.S.(Psychopharm.) Clinical Director, and Founder of Healthy Within has been working with families and teens since 1983.  Her center incorporates treatment modalities that are on the cutting edge of brain neurocircuitry and gut-brain axis. As an Integrative Psychologist, she has been utilizing Neurofeedback at her treatment center for the last 11 years and sees tremendous progress with her patients. Her patients range from age 4 to 89 years old.  Having a Post-Doctoral Degree in Psychopharmacology makes her very knowledgeable about working with all aspects of brain health.

She wears numerous hats within the teen world and parenting, ethnic communities and the addiction world. Neurofeedback makes her an expert with Gaming Addictions, Screen Dependencies, Asperger’s, Autism, Concussions, Pain Conditions, Fibromyalgia, ADHD and Learning Disorders.  Her role as a Neuroscientist makes her extremely knowledgeable about the effects of trauma, drugs and other neurotoxins on the brain. Mindfulness, working on regulating the brain in a non- medication way, is Dr.K’s speciality. She just published her first book on Neurofeedback just as COVID began.

She is an avid community volunteer and activist, and has received numerous awards for her service to her community. Among the most notable are the Top Cool Women in San Diego by Girl Scouts and the KPBS Diversity Hero. Being a Rotarian is a HUGE part of her life and she serves on numerous committees with her Rotary Club 33, which is the 4th largest Club in the world! She also serves on the Board of Girl Scouts, San Diego Crimestoppers and San Diego Rotary. She is also very active in working with anti-sextrafficking initiatives in San Diego through HT-RADAR. 

Dr Kakaiya is a highly sought out speaker in the Teen Brain arena and her talks are requested over and over again every year.

SAWEN's Health & Wellness Part 2: Post-Partum Depression

Hi, I'm Katie, a Boise native and mom to two boys who found my purpose for supporting women and their partners through the most transformative time in their lives. After seven years of school and years of unfulfilling jobs, it took a painful pregnancy and empowering birth to realize there is such a need for additional physical and mental support through this transition. I jumped in head first, quit my day job, became a birth doula and then co-owner of Birthfit Boise. As a former collegiate soccer player, soccer coach, and CrossFit Level 2 Trainer, fitness, nutrition, mindset, and connection have always been an important part of my life and I am so grateful I can integrate it with helping women in the motherhood transition.