YkB is a recognized phenomenon and a growing collection of authentic, bold, powerful and poignant stories, written and performed by South Asian women. It's is a nurturing and non-judgmental space of love, trust and sharing, while building a close community. MenOlogues (men performing monologues :) was conceived by the founder & director of Ahaana. Why create the space for men? Because she wishes to enable men to emote about their poignant experiences in a safe space! Ahaana is proud of its vision and to be blazing a trail of spreading this movement.

Each year the narratives shatter the silence around subjects like domestic violence, parenthood, abuse, addiction, loss, depression and more! The powerful monologues are captivating in their intensity, their raw messages questioning societal norms, judgments and prejudices. Their stories open dialogues and discussions and lifts the shroud of secrecy and shame! Join the movement!

Annual Festival - Yoni ki Baat & MenOlogues

Intimate Narratives written and performed by South Asian women & men, sharing courageous, daring, powerful and poignant life experiences.

Entrepreneur & Artiste Focus

Meet local women-in-business & artistes in fields of visual, photo, dance, food & multi-media art!