What is Yoni ki Baat...or YKB?? Here's some Frequently Asked Questions...or FAQ!

1. Is it a play?   Yes, in monologues.
2. Is it in English?   Yes!
3. Are kids allowed?   Only mature kids 16+
4. Open to South Asian women only?   We welcome everyone! 
5. How long is it?    90-minute performance; no intermission.
6. Is there assigned seating?  VIP Reserved first 5 rows followed by General Seating .
7. Agenda?   5:30-7:00 pm Artiste Focus Reception, 7:00-9:30pm YkB followed by Q&A
8. Buy Tickets:  Online only 

9. Content of Monologues:   Real Life and Personal stories. Not Indian-centric, relatable to everyone.
10. Benefits a non-profit?   Absolutely yes!  It benefits Ahaana's projects of The SWANS Initiative!                                                                    Donations Welcome and most Appreciated.

Yoni ki Baat (YKB)

A South Asian adaptation of "The Vagina Monologues", YKB is the main and featured program of Ahaana.  It's a nationally recognized and a growing collection of authentic, bold, powerful and poignant stories, written and performed by South Asian women.  YKB has evolved into a life of its own, nurturing a unique space of love, trust and sharing, while simultaneously building community among local South Asian women.  

Each year the YKB narratives shed light on special challenges and opportunities experienced with the South Asian socio-cultural context, whether in native lands or in adopted homelands.  The powerful monologues are captivating in their intensity, their raw messages questioning societal norms, judgments and prejudices.

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Peace & Justice Theater, USD

Center Stage of Annual Ahaana Festival

May 2nd, 2020


The other side of YKB. This is a ground-breaking event of Ahaana Festival in 2017.  

MenOlogues (men performing monologues...get it???) was conceived and created by the director of Ahaana.  Her vision of introducing men and their stories to the monologue type of writing and performing, is in the same theme as YKB,  but with a more casual and comfortable approach.  The ACT II of YKB as it were.

At the end of every YKB performance during the Q&A session, at least one person in the audience would bring up the subject of men's stories.  Well, here it is! Ahaana is proud to be blazing a trail with hopes that other cities may adopt this model and launch MenOlogues of their own. Brilliant title, wouldn't you agree??

Hear the other side!