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Meet your Co-Directors of Yoni ki Baat 2019!
Nanda Mehta & Reeta Mehta (it's a Yoni relation!)

By the time Nanda was 17, she was raised on three Continents - Asia, Africa and America! This great childhood ingrained in her the passion for travel and schooling in various countries, including boarding school, has afforded her a very open view of the world. She is CEO of Creative Journeys, a Travel and Event Management Company which she started in 1990.

Nanda is in her zen when dancing, all forms of dance, but especially Bharatanatyam which she has learnt since the age of 4 and celebrated her 50th birthday by performing her Arangetram. She loves teaching and performing this ancient form of dance art she finds purely meditative.

Launching Ahaana Festival in San Diego, September 2015 is her most satisfying experience. She is so grateful for the unconditional love and support of her YKB sisters. Indeed YKB is a passion she has taken to Los Angeles, Silicon Valley and Orange County. Launching and Directing MenOlogues, her inspiration to create a similar space for men, has received accolades and encouragement!

She loves to help and network with people, and is involved in non-profit organizations like KPBS and House of India.

Nanda's hobbies are traveling, hiking, writing and creating crafts and themes for events and festivals. She feels very blessed to be surrounded by super supportive mother, a devoted husband, a loving family, adult kids and 5 beautiful little grand kids! Her strength comes from learning something positive from everyone she meets and daily discovering happiness within herself.

Born and raised in the pristine state of Assam in northeast part of India. Her father, a freedom fighter in India's Independence and her mother an author, who are both a strong influence in her life. Ahead of their time, they encouraged Reeta to move to Baroda in Western India and pursue higher education of Masters in Child Development.
Reeta moved to the US in 2000 and finally to San Diego.

She has attended the YKB as an audience. At 2017 show, Reeta performed her story in San Diego and realized how her yearning to ease other people's trauma through her professional work could also translate to her personal life. By participating in 2018 YKB launch in Silicon Valley, she shared her story to a different audience.

Reeta’s commitment to YKB extended her to co-direct the production of 2019 in San Diego and Los Angeles. She finds this process of story telling cathartic, powerful and an endearing way to reach out to peoples’ heart.

Reeta is currently a development specialist working with children with special needs. She is an avid gardener, creative cook and loves to hike. She is mother to two wonderful daughters.

Sibasish Das (violin) and Anindita Sarkar (Sitar)

About Sibasish Das

Sibasish was exposed to Hindustani classical music at an early age, and started taking lessons on the Violin from Shri Dilip Sen. He is currently training under the renowned Sitar player, Pt Debiprasad Chatterjee. He has performed solo, in jugalbandis and as accompaniment to vocalists.

When not playing the Violin, Sibasish likes solving electrical engineering problems and designing cellphone technology. After completing is PhD, he moved to San Diego to work at Qualcomm.

About Anindita Sarkar

Mesmerized by its unique complex sound, Anindita was drawn to playing the sitar at an early age. She started training on the sitar in Hindustani Classical music at the age of seven with Shri Rupendra Kumar Sharma. She earned her diploma in music (Vid) from Indira Kala Sangeet Vishwavidyala, Khairagarh, India in instrumental Hindustani classical music, securing the second rank amongst all students nationwide.

At present, she is training under the tutelage of Pt. Debiprasad Chatterjee. Her repertoire spans solo performances, jugalbandi with other instrumentalists and accompanying vocalists on various stages.

Zahra is an internationally touring comedian, writer, and actress. You may have seen her on Hulu and NBC. Her arsenal of jokes covers everything from tacos to terrorism often leaving the crowd in tears of laughter, love, and a little enlightenment (i.e. woke). 

She also performs with her sketch group, No Fly List, at the Comedy Central Stage in Hollywood. She is a host, producer, of nationally touring comedy show and podcast called Facial Recognition Comedy.

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YkB/MenO May 4th

 In 2017, I had the privilege to attend Ahaana Festival and after such a memorable evening, I feel compelled to share my feelings about the experience.

What does Ahaana mean to me?

Powerful and courageous, heartbreaking yet funny. That's how I sum up the evening I spent last weekend at the Mingei Museum in Balboa Park, joined by some wonderful friends from the Indian community.

I was attending an event presented by Ahaana, a South Asian community service organization, and as soon as I ventured into the museum I felt myself transformed to another place. The dancers, performing barefoot, jingling as they swayed across the dance floor. A woman sang traditional Indian songs. The audience applauded and savored delicious Samosas and Mimosas, the rhyming of the words intentional and not lost on anyone.

I am not South Asian but I was welcomed with open arms by so many friendly, gracious people from the Indian community. I was made to feel as one. Looking around I saw only a few who were not of South Asian heritage and I couldn’t help but wonder why this wonderful, amazing event was not known to more people outside this community. How could something so rewarding and inviting be unknown to so many of us?

Indeed, I felt as though I had discovered a hidden gem, and thoroughly enjoyed the networking opportunity and the chance to make new friends. But then the performance began. We were ushered to our seats in a separate room for a presentation that would leave me laughing and in tears for the next two hours.

One by one, four women and three men shared their stories--of loss, grief, hope and most of all, of love. A doctor with cancer, who’d put off getting a diagnosis, made me laugh and beam with joy. A woman, who’d once felt defeated made me cheer to learn she decided to make a difference by running for office in Seattle--and winning.

Sitting there in the semi-darkness, listening to these fascinating stories, did not just provide me with a glimpse into the Indian community, it was also an exploration into the human spirit and soul. Honest, gripping and heartwarming.

I loved the evening and I so appreciate my friends (Alka Rao, Divya Kakaiya, Roohi Khan) for including me in such a personal, remarkable experience. I hope to make many more friends again this year!

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Ahaana Festival Artist Tirth Doshi (15)

Tirth is a 15 year old, high school sophomore in IB curriculum and is a competitive swimmer. He lives in Charlotte NC. with his parents. Tirth loves music, food, travel and volunteering. Last summer he traveled alone to Indonesia where he stayed for a month with a host family. Along with their two boys, he volunteered by serving food and clean water to scavengers in Bantar Gebang Garbage Dump. It was an enriching experience for him. He also taught origami, English and Math to kids in multiple orphanages.

A gifted of a paper plane Origami book on his 5th birthday started him on his creative pursuits. He self-taught and mastered origami watching YouTube videos. Teachers gave him Post it notes as a a creative encouragement. 3 years ago, he started painting lessons with a passionate artist and a coach. He enjoys that time during weekends, devoted to creating painting projects.

His aunt, Nanda is a great inspiration for him! He immediately started working on the artwork for Ahaana and considers himself very fortunate to be able to contribute to their great causes with his art.

Monica Medina, Director of Community Development & Engagement for KPBS, public media for San Diego.

Guest Speaker

Zahra Ali

Guest Speaker

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