Preeti, a longtime resident in the Pacific NW, moved to Sunny California 3 years ago and was reminded that the golden ball in the sky is called the Sun! She loves the melting pot vibe of California with its mix of people, cultures, food and macro-climate.  As she grows older, she is very intrigued by psychology, the human condition and why people do the things they do! Habits, attitudes, beliefs, values or lack thereof! She enjoys interior design and considers herself "an almost OCD" when it comes to organizing things.  Her goal is to one day, fix up a house  or help fix a mind in turmoil.

Either ways, it would put the house in order!
She was introduction to YKB in 2009, when a friend performed. The stories were a wake-up call.  Thus began a journey of belief and strength in self....followed by a performance in 2013 in Seattle, 2015 in San Diego and now co-directing the launch in Silicon Valley, which has been her fondest goal since moving to Palo Alto.

Nanda Mehta

Founder & Director, Ahaana

Co-Director, YKB SV

Lakshmi Karanth

Director of Operations - Ahaana SV

Launching Ahaana (501c3) in September 2015 in San Diego in Balboa Park's Mingei Museum, is her most satisfying experience. Ahaana addresses cultural awareness of the nine South Asian countries, through women, and with focus on Art & Theater, with center stage given to Yoni Ki Baat. She is most grateful for her YKB sisters' unconditional support! Since 2015, Ahaana has established an avid following in San Diego, a growing presence in Los Angeles and now the Silicon Valley launch. It is exciting to plan and bring the Ahaana Festival in Palo Alto with super talented, super inspiring and super motivated partners Preeti and Lakshmi and of course the super brave performers!

She loves to help and network with people, and is involved in many non-profit organizations.
Nanda's hobbies traveling, hiking, reading, workouts, meditation, writing and creating crafts and themes for events and festivals. She feels very blessed to be surrounded by super supportive mother, a loving family, a devoted husband, young and adult kids and 5 beautiful grand kids! Her strength comes from learning something positive from everyone she meets and daily discovering happiness within herself.


Thank you Silicon Valley for your

resounding reception to our launch! 

Please email us for more information, volunteer or participate in our next show.

What is Yoni ki Baat...or YKB?? Here's some Frequently Asked Questions...or FAQ!

One date-One show October 27th.

1. Is it a play?   Yes, in monologues.
2. Is it in English?   Yes!
3. Are kids allowed?   Only mature kids 16+
4. Open to South Asian women only?   We welcome everyone! 
5. How long is it?    90-minute performance; no intermission.
6. Is there assigned seating?    No.
7. Agenda?   6:00-7:15 pm Artiste Focus Reception, 7:30 pm YKB, 9:30 pm Q&A
8. Buy Food at the show?   No, but there's a cash bar!
9. Buy Tickets:   Online only - no need for a PayPal account, check-out as guest.

10. Content of Monologues:   Real Life and Personal stories. Not Indian-centric, relatable to everyone.
11. Show ends when?   9:30pm followed by Q&A session
12. Benefits a non-profit?   Absolutely yes!  It benefits Ahaana's projects of The SWANS Initiative!

Preeti Malhotra

Director - Ahaana SV

Co-Director, YKB SV

Contact: 619.888.3331

Ahaana Silicon Valley Team

Ahaana Silicon Valley 

Saturday October 27, 2018


Artiste Focus Reception

Meet Local Artistes in various forms of Art


Yoni ki Baat

Monologues in English

Freidenrich Conference Center

Oshman Family JCC

3921 Fabian Way, Palo Alto

Born in Bangalore India, Lakshmi is an only child from a gigantic extended family! Her most vivid memories of her childhood are from long hot summers, cracking jokes and eating mangoes with aunts, uncles and cousins. She is a huge foodie and loves to take trips to new countries and experience new cultures. She is always looking for something new and can be found planning her next trip, cooking, gardening or spending time with her husband and puppy Gobi . Lakshmi’s passion lies around building a community of strong, inspiring women . She is excited to be launching YKB Silicon Valley and expanding this movement to the Bay Area.